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Welcome to LOTZ EXPORTS, as the name suggests we offers a wide range of spices and other products which are essential for every Indian Kitchen. We believe that Indian culture and our unique spices in India should reach each corner of the world. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best products.

Our Primary Goals

LOTZ EXPORTS has come a long way from its beginnings in Tirunelveli.
We now serve customers all over the world, and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into our own website.

Our primary focus is quality, taste and freshness, with an emphasis on organic farming, local and seasonal produce, education and sustainability.
We also offer a selection of farm themed merchandise.
We want you to be as comfortable in your kitchen as you are when you visit.

Spices in India, being a specialty, we are able to provide with whole and ground spices along with Coconut and its by products.
We are also the exporters of delivering standard quality Indian masala outside India.

We are in easy reach ,being able to serve our clients at a quicker pace.
So if anybody is looking out for the above products , we are here to serve you with the best quality !

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We are committed to
* Offer superior quality products to our customers.
* Contribute to the growth of spice exports as we grow the company’s business.
* Striving hard to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction through timely deliveries along with enhanced quality and value of all our products.

Our Vision

To be recognized globally as export company that put quality, service, and value as priority to satisfy the needs of our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Why Us?

* Honesty, integrity and human dignity, besides ethical approach in engagements with all connected stakeholders.
* Our main goal is to provide customers with the best quality product available on the market.
* We believe that prompt service and providing quality products will create a mutual trust between our company and our valued customers.

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